Travertine Lippage Problems in Delray Beach

Stone Inspection and Solutions

by Kelly DaSilva

I received a call from a new homeowner from Delray Beach Florida, she requested an inspection for the new travertine floors they had just installed by another contractor.

Problem: The previous contractor did not properly installed the travertine and a lot of the tiles were presenting a lippage problems where one is tile higher than the other, the travertine was also dull and full of stains after the installation was performed, the homeowner also wished for a more reflective finish on their new natural travertine floors.
Marble Doctors Solution: We grind the floors to smooth the lippage differences on the height of the tiles using a diamond polishing system (no waxes) as final we apply 3 coats of an impregnator sealer.

Why is it so important to protect natural stone? To preserve the longevity of a natural stone installation it is very important to protect it with a proper sealer. All natural stone are porous. As long as we have an absorption factor, stone will stain and deteriorate over time, from regular use of tap water in the routine cleaning, contains salts, minerals and chlorine which are all detrimental to natural stone. In addition spills from oil, food, beverages can penetrate entirely and discolor the stone.