Green Sustainable Maintenance Approach

Stone Inspection

by Kelly DaSilva

Just few months ago I received a call from a new home owner from Plantation Florida, he requested an inspection for the travertine floors of the home he had just purchased.


The floor had numerous coatings of crystallization and waxes and the new home owner wanted to find out if we could refinish and restore his travertine floors on a technique that is Green and Sustainable.


We performed a detailed inspection of the past maintanance practices and studied the chemicals previously used


We discovered that the cleaners, waxes and crystallizers, previously used are hazardous to the humans and pets and contained VOC'S, carcinogens and oxidizers plus these chemichals where deteriorating the travertine floors

Marble Doctors Solution

We designed and performed a Chemical Free Restoration with our diamond polishing system and now we follow with a green sustainable maintenance. We provide all the specifications for this green sustainable travertine restoration and execute the process. Most homeowners and commercial locations are looking to implement restorations and maintenance sustainable practices. Marble Doctors polishing system is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Not sure of what your current marble contractor is using to polish your floors? Give us a call and we will provide you with a free analysis.

No Waxes, No Voc's, No Chemichals.